paul m. lesako funeral home inc

Paul M. Lesako, Supervisor/Funeral Director

A letter to my fellow Greene Countians:

    We all know that life in the time of Covid-19 is full of stress, anxiety, and fear. For some, there is much more than others. Keep in mind those who have lost loved ones, are ill, or have lost their jobs to this modern-day plague.

    “This is war”, our President said. There will be plenty of time later to assess how, and why the virus spread. Regardless of your feelings, No Blame Game Now. Please.

    Those “soldiers” fighting in the hospitals to save lives, keeping essential stores, banks, mines, government, police, postal services, and sanitation maintained all deserve our deep gratitude. 

    Remember them in your prayers, thank them when you can and help them if you can.

    Wear a face mask, bandanna, or scarf and distance yourself when you must go out.

    We are One Nation, and we are citizens of the United States of America.

                        God Bless you,

                                                  Paul M. Lesako                        

                                     Robert T. Lippencott

The Paul M. Lesako Funeral Home Inc. has been serving the Greene County community for over 100 years. 

We offer reasonably priced services during these difficult economic times.  We are active members of the Western Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau, the Carmichaels Chamber of Commerce, and the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association.

Please feel free to browse the website to view our range of services and contact us at any time.


Paul M. Lesako, Funeral Director/Supervisor
Kevin G. Martin, Funeral Director